ASTM F2063 Shape Memory and Superelastic Nitinol Strip Plate

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Product Details

nitinol strip plate

Product Description

Key wordsNitinol sheet, superelastic alloy sheet, shape memory sheets, titanium nickel alloy sheet, shape memory alloy, Ti-Ni sheet
Thickness0.002" (0.051 mm) to 0.080" (2.03 mm)
Widthto 4.00" (101.6mm)
Lengthto 18" (457.2mm)  or length as the request
TypeSuperelastic and Shape Memory available
Transformation Temperatures
  • As(f.a.) -25C ± 10C, active Af 0C

  • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C (most common), Active Af +5C

  • As(f.a.) -15C ± 10C Redox, Active Af +5C

  • As(f.a.) +20C ± 15C, Active Af +28C

  • As(f.a.) +65C ± 20C, Active Af +70C

  • As(f.a.) +95C ± 5C, Active Af > +80C

ShapeRolls, Flat pieces
SurfaceNatural Oxide
AdvantageNitinol sheet and foil are the newest and most exciting product forms for this unique shape memory alloy. Nitinol sheet is ideal for laser cutting, etching, stamping and EDM machining. Efficient processing and surface finishing establishes a smooth, light oxide surface.
Many new medical innovations are now possible with the use of this very thin and versatile Nitinol form. Sheet is a two-dimensional structure, unlike wire and tube, giving us design options like stamping, punching, and deep drawing.
ApplicationPhotochemically-etched parts
Formed sheet shapes
EDM or Laser Cut Shapes
PackingOur nitinol sheets are mostly packed in wooden crates, this can protect the nitinol sheet during transportation and handling. We can provide vacuum pack for some high precision nitinol sheet and nitinol parts.