2mm/3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm/8mm/10mmx1000x2000mm GR2 titanium plate have delivery

                                             GR1/GR2/GR5 ASTM B265 titanium  plates

Product name:Gr2 titanium sheet and Gr5 titanium  plates

Gr1 AMSE SB 265

0.7X1000X2000mm  20pcs

Gr2 AMSE SB 265

2X1000X2000mm  10PCS

3X1000X2000mm   10PCS

4X1000X2000mm   10PCS

5X1000X2000mm   10PCS

6X1000X2000mm   10PCS

Gr5 AMSE SB 265

5X1000X2000mm   10PCS

6X1000X2000mm  10PCS

8X1000X2000mm   10PCS

10X1000X2000mm  10PCS

Delivery to Iran

Delivery at 9th,Jan,2018