Boeing Co. and Oerlikon will cooperate in 3D printing of titanium alloy components

 Recently, Boeing and Oerlikon in Switzerland signed an agreement that they will cooperate in the titanium alloy aircraft components in the next 5 years.The two sides cooperate to develop materials and production processes used in the metal additive manufacturing, and finally they produce aircraft components through 3D printing. 

Titanium airplane.jpg

    Through this in-depth cooperation, it is expected to promote the application of 3D printing in the field of aviation, aerospace and military industry. At the beginning of the cooperation, they will focus on the titanium alloy powder material. the production parts must comply with U.S. FAA and military standard, then make the application in aviation industry raw materials production licensing and approval procedures,  next suppliers can products according to the fixed quality and cost standards. Since getting the FAA license in 2017, Boeing has used 50 thousand parts of the 3D print production. 3D printing technology can reduce the cost of aircraft production, improve product quality and key technical indicators. In addition, it can significantly shorten the application maturity cycle. In this regard, Oerlikon has rich production experience, and can provide technical support from metal powder manufacturing to design, manufacture, post processing and quality control.