the titanium product supplier and manufacturer held a work report about the summary of 2017


  On February 10th, the titanium product supplier and manufacturer of Shaanxi yunzhong industry development Co.,Ltd held a report about staffs'summary of 2017.Every staff made his own report by PPT,and wonderful speeches was performed.

                                  the team of yunch


   The international development staffs summarized their annual sales,customers,and difficulties was met in the work.The finance development staffs genneralized their finance work in 2017,at the sametime ,they put forward a work plan about 2018.The managers also summed up company's conditions and certain problems ,and gave a development objective for 2018.


  About company,Shaanxi yunzhong industry development Co.,Ltd (YUNCH) is a leading supplier and manufacture of titanium mill products.We maintain a completed inventory and production ability of titanium standards,including sheets/plates,pipes/tubes,fittings,bars/rods,wire,sputtering targets,fasteners,forging parts,anodes,etc.