Baoji Titanium Industry Development Plan Through Expert Evaluation

Recently, Baoji city as an industrial strong city promoted "1553 plan" of titanium and titanium alloy industry. Experts believe that "titanium industry development plan of Baoji city (2018-2022)" in line with the national new material industry development planning related requirements, in line with the overall development plan Baoji industrial city needs, so they all agreed to review.

titanium city.jpg

Titanium industry is an indispensable part of strategic emerging industries. It is listed as the eight pillar industries of Shaanxi's priority development, and also one of the five leading industries in Baoji. "Titanium industry development planning of Baoji city (2018-2022)" from the Northwest Industrial Technology Research Institute Baoji branch is responsible for the preparation, starting from the three aspects of the consolidation of the existing base advantages, enhance the innovation ability and expand product applications, expounds the development basis and current situation of Baoji titanium industry, clearly the overall requirements and objectives of Baoji titanium industry development and put forward the main task and key work of the development of titanium industry in Baoji.