China Makes Titanium A 10000 Meter Manned Submersible Can Cover 100% Of The World's Waters

China makes "titanium"! A 10000 meter manned submersible can cover 100% of the world's waters、

Speaking of the dragon, no one is familiar with it, because the birth of the dragon is a sign that China has become the world's top technology with deep manned deep diving. According to the design, the largest diving depth of the dragon is 7000 meters.

7000 meters! This has been very powerful, but recently we in the field of deep-sea submersible has made significant progress, the core component of China's manned sphere is self-developed meters submersible finish stamping in the last month, has recently completed the entrance, opening the window to observe the work.

The ball is one of the core module of manned submersible components, the main area is submerged, the 10000 meters of the manned submersible cabin body ball for titanium, in the manufacturing process to overcome the technical difficulties one after another. Now follow the reporter went to the quest.

It is one of the most important processes to carry out the entrance of the manned capsule and the opening of the observation window, which is very demanding for the material and technology. The reporter saw at the scene, there are two holes, just finished the southern hemisphere, is the biggest in the future oceanauts submersible entry gate, another is to observe the underwater world of the car window.

Baoji titanium industry Limited by Share Ltd general manager Jia Shuanxiao: it is a special material of ten thousand meters, the whole shell of the requirements, more than 4500 and the Dragon number are much higher. Large changes have taken place in the formation and welding of materials, including the structure of the whole.

In 2020, the new generation of manned submersible developed by China will be tested in Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world, and the depth of diving is more than ten thousand meters. Because of the great pressure in the deep sea, it is different from the 4500 meter deep sea warrior and the 7000 meter dragon number.

Jia Shuanxiao, general manager of Baoji titanium industry Limited by Share Ltd: we choose a higher number of titanium alloys with higher strength when selecting material. This is our first attempt, and there is no ready-made material for the world to refer to.

Million meters deep sea submersible pressure is equivalent to put a car in fingernail, submersible ball capsule is to ensure 3 oceanauts the most important safety barrier. The ball tanks made by the new generation of titanium alloy are carefully designed for shape, roundness and wall thickness. After completing two hemispherical welding, assembly and other work, it is expected that the 10 thousand meter simulated pressure test of the seabed will be carried out in the first half of next year.

The deep sea is fully covered with "titanium" in China

Titanium alloy material used in the ball cabin of manned submersible has been widely applied in the field of aviation and aerospace. Researchers found that titanium alloy is also suitable for deep-sea equipment. What are the advantages and technical difficulties of manned cabin made of this material?

First of all, titanium has a powerful anti-corrosion function. China's autonomous development of a 10000 meter manned submersible is expected to be used for 30 years, and the characteristics of almost non corrosion greatly improve the durability of the titanium alloy carrier tank.

Wang Dingchun, deputy leader of the submersible submersible project group of 10000 meters: titanium materials, basically the annual corrosion is 0 several millimeters to quantify.

In addition, to overcome the deep pressure, titanium alloy not only high strength and flexibility, can be in the process of diving and floating, maintaining the hardness of deformation, to provide a safe space oceanauts. In addition, researchers have also boldly overthrown the original design. Before that, the use of melon ball valve was used in the manned cabin of foreign countries, that is to say, making watermelon valve first and then welding it into a whole ball, not only has many welds and long construction period, but also needs to be improved in terms of safety. The use of hemispherical soldering can reduce the number of welds, and the process is more difficult, but the reliability is greatly improved.

Baoji titanium industry Limited by Share Ltd general manager Jia Shuanxiao: such a big and thick material, is also the first time to make such a big ball. For our country, from material preparation to molding, it has reached the limit.

Has 7000 meters diving ability of the manned submersible dragon, buoyancy material for UK manufacturing, mechanical arm is the United States, the manned cabin is made in Russia, and is currently building the M manned submersible, with coverage of 100% global ocean waters will be fully operational capacity, and by Chinese developed.