Fine Grinding Of Titanium Artificial Bone

                                         Fine grinding of titanium artificial bone

Because of a bone injury caused by an accident, the titanium artificial bone produced by 3D printing can be used for the human body to play a role. The 2017 Guangdong International Robot and Intelligent Equipment Expo, which is opened today, will display such a titanium artificial bone "modifier".

According to reports, titanium artificial bone has been widely used in traffic accidents, trauma treatment, titanium metal head manufactured by 3D printing, although the shape is quite similar to those of bone, but the bone joints still need further grinding, so as to ensure the joint fit and smoothness. 

Finally, access to the human body. Chen Yingjie, deputy director general of Hongkong mould and products Technology Association, said that compared with the past manual polishing, the new three metal burnisher has higher grinding efficiency and better accuracy. At present, related machines have been put into hospitals.