Millet Also To Do Titanium Wok? The Truth Is That

                          Millet also to do titanium wok? The truth is that 。。。

Speaking of millet mobile phone, in fact, we are not unfamiliar, in the "red" mobile phone hot fried when the mobile Internet Co focused on independent research and development of smart products began to involve new areas, razors, TV box, TV, air purifiers and other products have to face the world, refresh your understanding of millet.

Previously, Ma had said in the Internet Conference that his "food, water and air" is difficult to sleep, but also publicly questioned Lei Jun, President of millet: "if the air, water and food are unsafe, what is the use of mobile phones to do better?" Health once again become the focus of attention, saying people Minsishiweitian, change from the pot began to make food. Recently, millet new product -- microcrystalline titanium frying pan, the price is only 499 yuan, full suction eye.

At present, some domestic enterprises to manufacture high-end titanium pot, because the cost is high, the price has been around 1000 yuan, but the millet launched microcrystalline titanium frying pot but as long as 499 yuan, can not help asking questions, titanium pot is really so cheap? Or scratch the titanium "heat" manufacturing selling point?、

From the iron to aluminum to stainless steel to non stick pan, pot material progress, but in the continuous improvement and optimization at the same time, iron rust, high temperature aluminum aluminum dissolution, stainless steel pot under the pH conditions of manganese and chromium leaching of heavy metals, high temperature and nonstick coating damage PFOA release etc. The final problem has not been solved. Titanium cooking utensils with good heat resistance, low temperature resistance, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance and other characteristics, become more safe and healthy choice. According to millet official micro display, this microcrystalline titanium pot using titanium, aluminum, steel three layer composite structure, has passed a number of international SGS testing certification, lead and cadmium migration and chemical composition testing are in line with national safety standards.

In the millet mobile phone APP, the reporter found the pot the purity more than 99.9%, and the same wok on the market of titanium, but the price is much cheaper, the original titanium wok launch, is to let the price of "people first", so that more people have the opportunity to choose titanium pot, also won a broader space for titanium products market. It is not millet production, just for sale, and later maintenance and maintenance has nothing to do with millet, which is called "back pot man" by many netizens". It is not difficult to see, in which, millet is just as a platform for public financing, to provide promotional services for production enterprises, but in fact there is no production pot. Reporters call a titanium products enterprise, the enterprise responsible for the approval of the said millet as the third party platform sales of titanium pot, and look forward to a new mode of promotion of titanium products, let more people know and understand the use of titanium, titanium and titanium.

There are many outstanding enterprises in the domestic production of titanium products, the appearance of the product, the quality has been recognized by customers, but in the marketing difficulties when, with excellent platform to become a choice, cross industry cooperation, the establishment of promotion platform, let Ti really into thousands of households. (China Nonferrous Metals Journal)