Silk Road Titanium Valley Has Been Cast In Baoji High Tech Zone In Shaanxi

Three National R & D centers for titanium processing and new products development were built in Baoji city of Shaanxi province in China, the brand "Baoji China Titanium Valley" will be famous for this. Holding the first international thematic promotion activities, and the introduction of "talent collection plan for titanium Valley" by high-level talents has came out. On 2017 the Baoji high tech Zone of titanium and titanium alloy industry development report, a beautiful record showing the development of titanium and titanium alloy industry brilliant year.

Baoji City.jpg

In 2017, the Baoji high tech Zone in accordance with the "development of the silk road made titanium Valley, Baoji, around the titanium and titanium alloy in key areas of technology upgrading, accelerate the construction of innovation platform, expand the application fields of titanium material; further expand the" Baoji China titanium Valley "brand influence, enhance the service industry development ability, continuously enhance the strong power of industry the development of industrial clusters, to create billions of titanium goal.