Super Soft Sponge Titanium Has Become The Market Favorite For The Research And Development Of Aircraft Carrier

Super soft sponge titanium has become the market favorite for the research and developement of aircraft carrier,space station,large aircraft and other fields.

In March 7th, the author from Pangang Group titanium sponge branch was informed that in 2018 the company received the first single ultra soft sponge titanium orders have been fulfilled, on time by the quality of service of the user, the user is satisfied with the product. In the near future, two more users went to the company to order the super soft sponge titanium.


As early as in October 10, 2011, Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group sponge titanium branch from the total weight of 32 tons of sponge titanium lump, analyzed 9.4 tons of Brinell hardness less than 90 of the super soft sponge titanium, the analysis index has reached the Ukraine standard of super soft sponge titanium requirements. This indicates that the sponge titanium of Panzhihua Iron and steel company has a place in the domestic sponge titanium industry to produce the standard Brinell hardness less than 90.

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The super soft sponge titanium with the Brinell hardness of less than 90 is higher than the national standard zero grade sponge titanium, and it is the highest grade in the sponge titanium grade. The quality of sponge titanium products, mainly for high-end hydrogenation dehydrogenation titanium powder raw materials, 3D printing materials, wire wire glasses materials, it could be used in aircraft, space station and other large aircraft development and construction field, Panzhihua titanium sponge to high-end application has taken a solid step.

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Panzhihua through long-term technology research, through refining system security problems, low-cost preparation of titanium sponge titanium microtome, low toughness distillation furnace distillation plugging hundreds of technical problems, and authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office of Panzhihua comprehensive two patents in terms of resource utilization. Once the product is put into the market, it is favored by the users and is in short supply.


Panzhihua attaches great importance to every customer order, combined with the actual production, continuous process improvement equipment, and developed a strict quality standard, strictly the effect of each pass of titanium sponge product quality, through the layers of control, to ensure the provision of quality of sponge titanium products for customers.