The Development Plan With Baoji Titanium Industry Has Been Approved By The Experts

  On January 19, baoji in shaanxi province "1553" plan of action of strong city from industry especially at the titanium and titanium alloy industry working group convened the baoji titanium industry development planning (2018-2022), "expert commenting, by northwestern university professor yuan-zhi zhang coalesced, northwestern polytechnical university, xi 'an jiaotong university rapid manufacturing center of baoji, xian building university of science and technology innovation center, treasure titanium group, the giant into baoji titanium industry, new metal, bo xin xin nuo university scholar and titanium industry well-known enterprises such as metal material panels of experts, the industrial technology research institute in northwest baoji branch is responsible for the establishment of the baoji titanium industry development planning (2018-2022) for review.



  Baoji titanium industry development planning (2018-2022) from consolidating existing base advantage, promote industrial innovation ability and expand product applications from three aspects, expounds the development and current situation of baoji titanium industry, has been clear about the general requirements and goals of baoji titanium industry, puts forward the main task and key work of titanium industry in the city, and gives the corresponding guarantee measures.