The First Batch Vacuum Cup Of Titanium Materials Is Available.

  The first batch of nearly 1,000 titanium thermos has been sent to Japan, and now the production line is catching up." On March 1, fly sword of zhejiang industry and trade co., LTD., deputy managing director wang zhijie holding a light color of titanium vacuum cup, said since last December, fly sword company with Japanese client interface, and the titanium keep-warm glass production cooperation agreement, the customer booked 5000 cups.


  In the fly sword company new product display area, was named "titanium" series of vacuum keep-warm glass low-key appearance, the vacuum cup and the appearance of normal temperature is not particularly big difference, but its surface material presents the titanium crystal particles, retained the titanium metal. According to wang zhijie, titanium material has a good biocompatibility, often used in the heart pacemaker, human skeleton replacement, is a health material.