The First Price Rise Of Sponge Titanium After The Chinese Lunar New Year

It was reported by Titanium micro media weekly comment that there was the first price rising of sponge titanium after the Chinese Lunar New Year, the details are as follow:

Titanium: the first week after the Chinese Lunar New Year, the market operating rate has not been restored, titanium ore price stability. To March 2nd, Panzhihua 46% ore price 1300 yuan / ton, 47% titanium ore price 1250 yuan / ton.

Titanium dioxide: in the near future, some domestic titanium dioxide enterprises have started to raise their prices. Among them, ranging from Xingzhong titanium, Gimpo titanium on the price increase 300 yuan ~600/ tons.

Titanium slag: this week, the titanium slag market is stable. However, as the price of the electrode increases, the cost of enterprises increases, the acid residue enterprises are interested in raising prices, and most people are optimistic about the future.

Sponge titanium: this week, the titanium industry in Zunyi made adjustments to the price of titanium sponge, and the price of 1# sponge titanium rose by 1000 yuan per ton. Reporter learned from a North sponge titanium factory, because the manufacturer has been carrying out the pre Festival order, the foreign quotation is suspended. According to the analysis, with the increase of market demand and the rising of raw material prices, the price of sponge titanium will rise.

Titanium material: this week, the price of titanium is stable. At present, most of China's titanium production enterprises are still in the middle and low end products positioning, the competition is fierce, and the losses are increasing. In the high-end product development and production, far from meeting the domestic development needs, with the gradual increase of demand for high-end titanium materials, it will bring greater development space for high-end titanium products.

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