Titanium Technology And Aviation Industry To Carry Out Technical Exchanges Shaanxi

             Titanium technology and aviation industry to carry out technical exchanges Shaanxi

In November 30, 2017, titanium technology line went to Hanzhoung, to carry out technical exchanges and aviation industry of shaanxi.

In the exchange, titanium gold technology reported the company's product research and development, quality assurance and various capacity building. The aviation industry of Shaanxi titanium technology has been done for the model with given full recognition and great expectations, and introduces the development model and supporting the needs of fasteners. The two sides have discussed deeply the research and development of locking parts and clamp products, the application of titanium alloy and superalloy products, the surface treatment and anticorrosion measures of fastener products, and agreed on the provision of fastener system solutions for new models.

This exchange is of positive significance to the accurate grasp of the model demand by titanium gold technology, which is beneficial to the development of the company's products and business development.